Our Projects

  • project
  • Detailed documentation
- Technological solutions first phase of the plant (welding, painting, bumper, assembly plant, a logistics zone)
- Local ventilation technology
  • project
- Technological solutions first phase of the plant (welding, painting, assembly shops, a logistics zone)
General Motors Auto
  • Modernization production line welding shop
- Technological solutions
  • Detailed documentation
  • Technological solutions
- Welding shop: Welding shop J300
- Paint shop: Setting dustproof tunnels
Hyundai Motor Manufacturing Rus
  • Adaptation "Working documentation»
- Technological solutions;
- Automation of technological processes;
- Electricity;
- Electric;
- Process ventilation;
- Metal structures
Toyota Motor Manufacturing Russia
  • Modernization production line welding shop
- Technological solutions
MC «Bauhemi Russia»
  • general design
- Production and storage complex (Samara)
- Plant for the production of dry building mixes (Tyumen)
- Reconstruction of the plant dry mixes (2 Line) (Kirovsk Len. Region
- Production of primers and additives in concrete Kirovsk Len. area
Kronos SPb
  • general design
- Production of waterborne anticorrosive primers;
- Production of polyurethane dispersions;
- Kneader sections 1 and 2;
- Production of thermoplastic for roads;
- Reconstruction of the plant ABC;
- Reconstruction of the building for the production of road paint.
Henkel Era
  • general design
- Detailed design
- Increase the production capacity of water-based adhesives
- Technology of waterborne paints Euro-2 and Euro-7; - Charging station
Heineken Brewary
- Technological solutions renovation and construction of buildings and facilities for the production of beer
- Modernization of land filling beer in kegs
Coca-Cola HBC Eurasia
- Technological solutions for capacity expansion
BSH Appliances
- Technological solutions - Shop for washing machines
Kolskaya GMK combine Pechenganikel
  • Detailed documentation
Kiln, compressor, finished goods warehouse
- Heating and Ventilation
- Water supply and sanitation
Phillip Morris Izhora
- Technological solutions - Installation of tobacco processing
Forpost Samara
- Pilot plant for the production of paints and varnishes
Eskaro-Kamikal AS
- Reconstruction of the building for the production of coatings
Industrial technology center of new
- Production Elements window and door fillings
- Customs terminal and warehouse complex
  • general design - Project
- Reconstruction of the building for confectionery
Heineken Brewary SPb
- Technological solutions
  • project
  • Detailed documentation
- Production of biological products
  • project
Plant for the production of low-alcohol beverages
- Technological solutions
Electrolytic Copper Plant
Department for processing rich and poor copper scrap in the converter Kaldo
- Architectural solutions;
- Engineering support
  • Upgrading plant care products and paper products
- Architecture;
- Mounting solutions;
- Project Construction Management;
- Fire prevention
- Engineering support
Nebolchinskoe career managment
- Mining Plant
- Process line loading quartz sand
- Technological solutions
Automated warehouse center
St. Petersburg, ul. Predportovaya, 3, lit.B - Technological solutions
- Air supply
Factory products for personal hygiene and paperboard
  • Detailed documentation
- Production line of AT 300
- Aspiration
Industrial warehouse facility for the prodaction of dry mixes and additives in concrete
  • Detailed documentation
- Outline planning organization land
- Architecture
- Mounting solutions
- Technological solutions
- Engineering support
Production of tires Yokohama
  • Detailed documentation
- Technological solutions
- Automation of processes
- Engineering support
Autoshow Daimler Chrusler SPb
- Engineering support
Autoshow Nissan SPb
- Technological solutions - Engineering support
Hotel Pulkovskaya - Paulaner brewary
  • Detailed design of the brewing
- Technological solutions
Tourist center Gogland
  • general design
- Reconstruction of the apartment complex as a hotel
Residantial apartament complex with a built-in facilities SPb
- Engineering support